Book Fair Presentation Schedule

The Austin Anarchist Book Fair is this weekend!

We invite you to join us Friday night on the Lamar Pedestrian Bridge for an Anarchist Assembly. The assembly is an informal gathering of anarchists to meet and socialize.


Saturday, November 2nd:

1:30 pm – The Challenger Newspaper: Homeless Writing and Struggle in Austin

Publishing monthly since April 2011, the Challenger Street Newspaper is a collectively edited newspaper serving to connect homeless and formerly homeless writers, poets, artists, and organizers with each other and a broader readership. Newspaper participants have also been active locally in projects and movements such as Occupy Austin, the Ending Homelessness Working Group and Tent City, taking part in actions challenging No-Sit No-Lie and anti-camping ordinances as well as shelter conditions and the lack of shelter service for women. Speakers will cover the history of the paper and our organizing.

2:30 pm – Publishing and the Anarchist Project

Recent years years have seen a growth in new ideas in the anarchist space and a concurrent, probably not coincidental, growth in anarchist publishing. Though zines are just as popular as they were in the 90s, it is now only slightly more difficult for someone to make a book than a zine. We’ll discuss our experiences in writing, translating, design, printing, and distribution, as well as how these connect to the larger anarchist project.

3:30 pm – Hand-To-Hand Combat With Apparatuses

A short lecture introducing the concept and science of apparatuses and proposals for its use beyond theory. Those with a distaste for even pilfered theory, know that the strategy being proposed is more important than the concept and its context. For these proposals will then be followed by collective experiments in the form of games, through which the spectators of the lecture will have a chance to break down the calm and distance in passive roles and instead affirm their status as living beings, as essentially experimental substances. We could call it the magikkal arts, plebian science, a critical metaphysics, civil war, communism, anarchy, and all would be fitting.

Sunday, November 3rd

1:30 – We Can’t Have One Nice Thing: Getting Up and Getting Even When The Totality’s Got You Down

You know how like, everything is at the very least one million things (if not more) and how the majority of those things are awful?  Yeah, tell me about it. This is for the perpetually sad anti-capitalist, the permanently brokenhearted anarchist. A ‘hey me too’ from us to our friends who struggle to navigate this crap. We’re trying to heal surrounded by broken glass & cops & bros & our jobs. Shit, we should probably be eating more vitamins too because we feel exhausted BUT LITERALLY EVERYTHING ELSE IS ALWAYS SO MUCH AND NOW I HAVE TO GO TO WORK.

2:30 – Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner:  Futurity, Autonomy, and Queer Nihilism

In the last 10 years, one current of queer theory has investigated how heteronormativity and capitalism propagate through imperatives to produce the future.  We will investigate how this mandate plays out in discourses prevalent in reproductive justice and queer communities. We will then discuss nihilism as it relates to identity-based autonomous spaces.

3:30 – But Neither Wood Nor Fire Find Any Peace or Satisfaction In Any Warmth, Great Or Small, Or In Any Resemblance Between Them, Until The Moment When The Fire Becomes One With The Wood And Imparts Its Own Nature To It. Or: How Two Fragments Meet And A Film Is Made

A discussion of the Situationist International and my remake of Guy Debord’s Society of the Spectacle. A showing of the film will follow the presentation.

Anarchy In Austin!


Promo Detail

In November 2013, Austin will be hosting its first ever full-scale anarchist book fair. It will be a weekend full of events and activities that will provide opportunities for anarchists, friends, newcomers, antagonists, and future accomplices to meet, scheme, party, compare notes, share, and talk about books.

Join us for a weekend of face-to-face conversations, books, and anarchy!

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1882 Distro (Austin, TX)
Afro Genderqueer/Philosophactivist (Austin, TX)
AK Press
Austin Anarchist Study Group
Black Powder Press (Santa Cruz, CA)
Challenger Street Newspaper (Austin, TX)
East Side Social Center (Houston, TX)
Great Plains Tar Sands Resistance
Haymarket Books (Chicago, IL)
Inside Books Project (Austin, TX)
Iron Rail (New Orleans, LA)
Just Seeds
Little Black Cart (Berkeley, CA)
Monkeywrench Books (Austin, TX)
Pallaksch Press (Austin, TX)
PM Press
Sherwood Forest Zine Library (Austin, TX)
& More!

Also, Free Table!
A table full of free literature, yours for the taking! Have literature, posters, or other anarchist ephemera that you don’t want? Leave them for others on the free table!

Childcare and housing will be available for those who need it.



6 pm: Anarchist Assembly @ Lamar Pedestrian Bridge
Informal gathering of anarchists & friends.

8 – ? pm: Monkeywrench Books & Rise Up Texas Halloween Party
Infest 213 W. 5th St. 78701
Costume dance party to benefit two Austin-based groups.


1 – 5 pm: Book Fair, Day I
Infest 213 W. 5th St. 78701
Books, zines, presentations & discussions

7 – 9 pm: Capture the Flag @ TBA
Sneak or sprint through the streets of Austin.

10 – ? pm: After-Party! @ TBA
Celebrate with old and new friends

Sunday (don’t forget to fall back!)

11 am: Brunch
Monkeywrench Books 110. E North Loop 78751
Most important meal of the weekend

1 – 5 pm: Book Fair, Day II
Infest 213 W. 5th St. 78701
Books, zines, presentations & discussions

7 – 9 pm: Austin Anarchist Study Group
Treasure City Thrift 2142 E. 7th St. 78702
Weekly participant-led discussion of anarchist ideas

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Announcing the Austin Anarchist Book Fair!

A call to participate in the Austin Anarchist Book Fair

In November of 2013 we will be hosting Austin’s first full scale Anarchist Book Fair, as well as a slew of activities that will span the course of the weekend. It will be at the tail end of a three-week-long southern anarchy vacation, beginning with the events leading up to the New Orleans Anarchist Bookfair (Oct 14th – 20th) and with the Houston Anarchist Bookfair the following weekend (Oct 26th). We are hoping to provide an opportunity for southern anarchists, friends, antagonists, and future accomplices to meet, scheme, party, compare notes, share and talk about books.

Dates & Location

The event will be held on November 2nd and 3rd at Infest 213 W. 5th Austin, TX 78701 from 1 – 5 pm. Each day will include presentations, discussions, and books during the day and something yet to be determined in the evening.

How to request a table

The main area will house booksellers, distributors, independent presses, and activist groups from all over North America but with an emphasis on Central Texas and the South. If you’d like to table, provide a short description of your group and the materials you intend to distribute. There is no fee for tabling. The deadline to request a table is October 27th, 2013. Fill out the form on the Register page or drop a line at austinbookfair [at] riseup [dot] net. The subject should be “Tables”.

Out of town visitors
Get in touch with us ahead of time if you’d like help setting up arrangements for the weekend. We can provide info on housing options and camping. Please place “Out of Town” in the subject line.

Email Us!

Event date:
Saturday, November 2nd &
Sunday, November 3rd
1 – 5 pm each day